We, at Le Box Gourmet, are a team who share many values and goals. 

Coming from different countries and speaking different languages helped us share our own taste of luxury, long years of professional experience and the understanding of both markets and cultures taste and preferences. 

The notion of gifting among human beings is a surprisingly complex and significant topic that has been studied and analyzed through many studies written about its social, cultural and physiological effects on people. 

Being it a personal or corporate gift, we studied and designed our products to assist in substituting the gift from just being an act of commercial and materials to what people appreciate highly which is the emotional significance, and for the corporate entities to share their institutional values and transfer that back to their stakeholders. 

Based in Istanbul, our team has access to a wide variety of authentic, original and natural materials. What looks like silk, is silk. What looks like wood, is wood. What looks like marine shell, is marine shell. 

Simply…What looks like luxury is the luxury that it feels  and is made of only selective high end materials brought from different continents that contribute to the mystique of our collections namely ; Arabesque, Silk Road, Shehzade, Iznik and last but not least Exclusive. 
The Team