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© 2018 by Leboxgourmet_tr. Created with Inga Varsavscaia

Holly Month of Ramadan

Every year Le Box Gourmet creates unique and elegant  gifts box. The 2018 Ramadan Collection is no exception. Each item in this outstanding collection is a celebration of timeless tradition with an eye catching .

Easter Collection


Make your 2018 Easter  with a luxury gifts. Share the blessed significance of the Easter with family, friends and colleagues.

Christmas Collection

The unique theme  designs stand out even more thanks to the spectacular accessories. Transcend the usual and expected. Celebrate with friends and loved ones in style.


A delicious Turkish delight gift box, brimming with prestige, elegance, and luxury.

 Our hand-painted Iznik boxes are produced in a graceful and aesthetic manner.


Shehzade Collection Box

Hand made box

Holly Month of Ramadan Collection Box

Luxury  gift box