Exclusive Collection

Exhilarating surprises from the sea inspire this collection. The mussel shells sadef bo, in colors and patterns. Turquoise is separate, green is separate.


Every year Le Box Gourmet creates unique and elegant  gifts box. The 2018 Ramadan Collection is no exception. Each item in this outstanding collection is a celebration of timeless tradition with an eye catching .


Christmas Collection

The unique theme  designs stand out even more thanks to the spectacular accessories. Transcend the usual and expected. Celebrate with friends and loved ones in style.




Turquoise, cobalt, green, purple, black ... one of the most striking examples of Turkish Civilization history since the 15th century, We seem to extend is the only body that integrates with patience and art to stories, invites us all to an epic journey. 

Iznik, Turkish style box, hand made.

Valentine's Collection

Love is in the air  to express love to loved one . It is a special day in which lovers celebrate their day in a romantic way. You can have unique and creative gift box ideas.Express your adoration with a signature twist of elegance.


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Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere



 Based in Istanbul, our team has access to a wide variety of authentic, original and natural materials. What looks like silk, is silk. What looks like wood, is wood. What looks like a marine shell, is a marine shell.